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~ Organizzata da : SIMONE GHERA ~
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To whom it may concern

The non-profit photography project DANCER INSIDE is currently preparing exhibitions, events and is planning to export its work around the world. DANCER INSIDE is a unique project dedicated to Dance and Architecture, with a longstanding history of successful, international exhibitions.

We are currently looking for sponsors and would gratefully accept any contribution to costs  to prepare what needed. Particularly, we are hoping to print photographs, catalogues, books and promote photo sessions in new countries.

Our next event is scheduled on 26th February 2020 in Geneva, in the dedicated space of the United Nations (Palais des Nations). This edition represents a crucial step for our project. It will take place during the sessions of the UN Human Rights Council. Our photography project will in this context be an occasion to support Water Inception for Refugees ( ), a charitable initiative dedicated to producing and bringing drinking water in refugee’s camps.

Should you wish to contribute, Donations over €200 will be rewarded with a t-shirt of the project that will be sent to you via post. If you intend to offer such amount, please include your full name and postal address in the donation details. 

DANCER INSIDE:  An overview 

The project "DANCER INSIDE" represents my whole work history. The latter features images of dancers, companies and academies from different countries, taken over several years (from 2008). Settings are rehearsals, everyday classes, backstage, architectural and historical outdoors.

DANCER INSIDE Each photograph represents the combination of two elements, Architecture and Dance. These are the cornerstones of my project: two contrasting and at the same time interlinked forces, here inspiring a work of art.

On one hand, Architecture embodies the cultural identity, the history, the geography, the unique religion of each represented place. On the other, Dance is a universal language overcoming national and cultural boundaries, a speech that can be understood by everyone. The combination of these two elements creates a synergetic creation aiming to the diffusion of cultural diversity through the universal language of dancers. The beauty of the world lies in this diversity. Artistic communication enables us to understand and appreciate it. This is the message unfurling from each of my pictures.

Catalogue exhibition Berlin, august 2012 (PDF) download here:

Catalogue exhibition London, june 2013 (PDF) download here:


Videos of some exhibition opening:

Other material:  


Facebook: Simone Ghera
Instagram: @simone_ghera (most recent works)

9 partecipanti
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